Instructional Videos for Photographers

News Release 26th April 2017

Optical Design will be producing instructional videos covering such items as:

  • Lighting – Key, fill and back lights
  • Various types of lighting equipment
  • Types of light sources (Daylight, Tungsten, LED, Fluroescent.)
  • Camera Jib/Cranes
  • Sliders and Dollies
  • Effects and special lighting

Please call back as we will be adding videos at least weekly. We will annonce new videos on facebook at:

To learn more about lighting techniques you can get one to one training in our studio. Click Here to find out more.

All in the one place!

All sites/pages relating to BizAD TV, Biz Minute, Biz Adelaide & Studio 91 now reside under the parent company site OPTICAL DESIGN.

The various domains such as and will point directly to the relevant pages on the main site

This is a technicality and will not affect people trying to find pages.

The consolidation will make it easier for us to update and keep you informed.

David Hales

Humanise Event in Studio 91

We went a little off core to host the Humanise Business Luncheon in our studio this week. Humanise is a group of people with businesses that meet to take some time-out once per month. We put on a lavaish feast followed by a tour and Graeme Goodings recorded some green screen video to show the guests how it all works.


Video Magic

Video Magic is the arm of BizAd Television & Video that produces things like

  • Events
  • Testimonials
  • Presentations
  • Documents Special Occasions

Great for community or business. Just select what you need from our QUICK REFERENCE menu in the sidebar.